Portfolio ReturnsAs of 31th January 2020
Since Inception (Including Dividends)
Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain: $62,914.95
Total Portfolio Realized Gain: $$102,861.94
XIRR: 7.66%
Portfolio ValuePortfolio Value (excluding Cash and SSBs)
There is still no sign of containment on the spread of COVID-19 virus in Singapore. I recalled that many predicted that 2020 could the year of recession and somehow I felt that it might come true now. The streets are now empty and people are spending less. There is a high possibility that Singapore might go into recession is the outbreak stretches on.
This has interrupted my normal accumulation of equities and I have not done any transactions for close to 3 months already. The only thing I did was to setup DBS RSP to clocked my investment category for DBS Multiplier account. I will only be investing the minimum $100 each month. As the amount is not significant, I will not be tracking it as part of