When it comes to choosing a home in Singapore, most people would have their own preferences on the level they are willing to accept.

Chances are, the reasons are psychological or habitual.

Such as having stayed all their life on a high floor apartment, or having stayed in a landed property before and prefer being near to the ground.

In this article, let’s examine the factors that you should really consider when choosing to stay nearer to the ground or up in the air.

Ready? Let’s go!

Generally, high floor units are brighter with better ventilation than low floor ones as they get more access to the sun and are less blocked by their surroundings (Meaning more blue skies to enjoy!)

Does that mean you should always go for the highest unit available?

Pros and Cons when considering higher floor vs lower floor apartments

1. Lower exposure to dust and insects

You will find that you can air the rooms alot more in the day and at night without overtly being concerned about dust from traffic or insects flying into the house.