Some people say that fear is a useless emotion. I used to think that too and don’t like the feeling of fear but I’ve come to realize you can give fear a good spin and walk away actually gaining from it. I suppose my biggest fear is one that everyone does have, which is to lose a loved one.

That’s not what I want to talk about today though. Nay, that fear is of an outcome that is inevitable. I have this other fear that creeps up every now and again. The type of fear that builds within you slowly and some days, it seems larger than yourself. Do you ever get that feeling? I’m half afraid I sound silly saying it but in a post about fear, I think it’s sillier to be afraid!

I fear wasting away and not realizing it until too much has gone by.

Sounds like a deathbed confession but boy it’s good to say it out and try to address it. That’s one of the