@dexter.tiah wrote:

Back in January 2020, DBS changed its terms and conditions for the DBS Multiplier account, a high interest savings account that is popular amongst many Singaporeans. The main change that affected many Singaporeans (including myself) is the disabling of the Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) ladder strategy, which previously allowed savers to be eligible under DBS Multiplier’s “salary credit + 2 categories” when they credited their salary (of >$2k/month) , charged $1 to their DBS credit cards and invested in SSB (previously considered as “investment” category)

We thought that this was an opportune moment to do our first introductory and comparison post on high interest savings accounts that are popular with Singaporeans today, based on realistic interest rates attainable (i.e. we would not suggest deliberately taking up an insurance policy with a bank just to earn an additional 1% interest for 12 months). And here it is!