I spent a lot of money recently, when my girlfriend was here. Universal Studios Express Tickets, Holey Moley… GIRO unfortunately, isn’t typically designed for the 1st of every month. So even when you’re in the business of paying yourself first, you could overextend yourself a little bit in a few days before your automated investment. In short, after some mandatory investments were deducted, I was pretty broke. It’s not too surprising. When life springs surprise expenses on you, it becomes discipline to put aside 80% of your income. …And when you have no discipline, GIRO does it for you. [thankfully] SEE ALSO: It was quite tempting to consider taking some money out from my various streams of income, but thankfully they were either illiquid or troublesome options. So here I am – using my Takashimaya Shopping Vouchers till the 15th of February. Whew. At times like these, I miss