Well, well, well…

I always get up early on Saturday to work a half day and then go run in the mountains. And today is no different. What can be better than sitting in a quiet kitchen sipping hot coffee and catching up on current affairs? Well usually this is the case, but after reading a few articles on the BBC site and scrolling through Facebook, I don’t feel so well.

Fear, Corona, crash, recession, depression, sell off, panic, shut down, 1929, pandemic, lies, lock down, decimated. 

These are just a few of the words jumping out at me as the birds are tweeting outside my window oblivious to how weird the world has got over the past few weeks.

Not long ago people marched the streets, chests puffed out, dreaming about what they would do in their retirement. Minds drifted away to a velvety, warm place, a cruise ship perhaps; an all inclusive