STI plunged to an intra-day low of 2510.88 on 13th Mar 2020 breaking the low of 2528.44 in 2016 and that is the event I’ve been anticipating and waiting for as everything just working according to the script.  This event finally allows me to move into the next step — start monitoring for opportunity.

The list of stocks that I had compiled in 2015 when I started the 孙子兵法 system in building up portfolio finally can be taken out of the freezer.  This list consists of stocks that I wanted to add to my portfolio during the next financial crisis.  Since 2015 till now, lot of things have changed.  The fundamental of those stocks could have changed too.  So, it is time to reassess their respective fundamental and at the same time re-evaluate their respective margin of safety price level too.

Frankly speaking, since the start of strategic divestment of the Strategic