My last portfolio update was in 2016 and I continue to dabble in the market making costly mistakes. Hyflux Perpetual Bond is one great example which forces me to rethink. Each mistake only reinforces the belief that I am a lazy investor. I still enjoy reading financial blogs especially those with a personal touch to it. However reading financial statements and reports totally bore me. Hence I have been accumulating my war chest waiting for that next big chance.

Having a war chest is just the first step. The second step which is even more difficult is how to deploy. I have decided to split my war chest over 24 months. I will probably not catch the lowest point or make the most money but this is the best plan based on my lazy profile. Any capital injection along the way will go into a blacker than black swan event e.g. OCBC falls below $5 or if the situation persists for more than 24 months.

My Lazy Man Portfolio
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