Oh Coronavirus. Where did you come from and what have you done, and continue to do? While we thought we’ll be mostly unaffected, things have gotten out of hand (to this statement, Coco#1 promptly asked : mama, you mean you had it in your hands?).

We monitored the news closely the last few weeks. We debated our decision almost daily, almost like a checkpoint meeting. We thought we could stay till the end of the month, we have our lease and school paid up after all. We wanted to steal away to Belize and Cuba before we went back to Singapore, if we had to cut our mini retirement short.

Alas, it was never in our hands (Quite true Coco#1, quite true. Wise beyond your years!).

Travels restrictions are being implemented daily, across the world. World leaders are making statements that make us re-visit our decision. There’s so many unknowns on when the restrictions will actually be lifted