Well well…

Can you feel the tension? Can you feel the fear? Jesus… 

How can we sum this all up, eh? 

I’m a massive fan of Hunter S Thompson, and he used the phrase ‘atavistic freak-out’ in his writings to refer to the frantic, anxious, perplexing, uncivilized and boozed up culture of The 1970 Kentucky Derby. 

‘Atavistic’ means “relating to or characterized by reversion to something ancient or ancestral’ (Google Dictionary) 

I think the term might be applicable in this fucked up times we find ourselves in. It’s like some elemental force is forcing people to catastrophize and lose the power of rational thought. People are swarming together with their tribe, battening down the hatches and peeping out through a crack in the door at the world outside. Everyone outside their tribe is a suspect; everyone outside their tribe is a threat. 

And you know what? 

I don’t blame anyone. Based on the situation and the fear ratcheted