What’s the hardest truth of life?(Credit to Phillip Makohliso)

creditsYour parents are the only people who become genuinely happy when you succeed.People want to see you succeed… but not more than them.A friend in need is a friend indeed. The reverse is true if you get what I mean.The way you are brought up contributes about 70% to the person you grow up to be. unfortunately, we don’t get to choose our parents.Genuine love is rare if you stumble upon it cherish it.Nobody will die for you. You are on your own so man up.Life is so unfair but it is still beautiful.Bad things happen to good people.Growing up comes with more responsibilities, thus life gets even harder as you grow.Life is a journey with an unknown destination. You only cross the bridge when you get there… sometimes you are not even sure whether the bridge is there or not. Live today tomorrow is