Just a short post on a Monday morning to kick off the week.

Transactions during the week of 16 – 20 March

Bought Mapletree Commercial Trust (MCT) at $1.70, with the intention of holding for the long term and collection dividends. However, its share price shot up to a high of $1.92 the next day, and I felt that in this market, such a strong bounce was too compelling to ignore, and I sold at $1.88. That would have been the equivalent of collecting two years of dividends in a single day. My current perspective for holding my dividend stocks would be that once the capital gains exceeds x number of years’ worth of dividends, then I would be better off selling the stock to lock in my gains.

An example would be my investment in UOL – I bought it back in 2018 at $6.85 – at that point of time, it