There are many courses out there teaching people how to invest in properties with zero money down, own multiple properties with minimum cash outlay and all.

In recent years, many of my friends and agents have come across social media ads promising the above and are concerned that they are “left out” of such crucial knowledge.

Yes, in theory you can learn about all these things. But the fact is in the past few years, most of these “good deals” were concentrated in the industrial property space and it has been tough finding great deals in the residential market.

But in light of the current market, it is opportune now to visit this topic about how you too can find fire sale residential properties with built-in profits.

Let me share with you these mechanics over a series of posts that I’ve planned.

So How Exactly Do You Find And Invest In Fire-Sale Properties With Built-In Profits?

The short answer if you’re time starved.