The World stock markets swing between fear and greed so dramatically for the past weeks. I had not seen such extreme volatility before in the market since the Great Financial Crisis in 2008. Let’s refer to the Greed/Fear indicator. Right now the we are at the extreme fear due to all the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19.

The market does not like uncertainty due to difficulty in prediction what is going to happen next. Is the virus situation going to get worst and when will it going to recovered? No one know the answer but we can decide what to do next. The market crisis always provide great opportunity to invest but the question is:
Do you have the courage to take the leap?


Today, I would like to write about MANULIFE US REIT. This SGX counter caught my attention when it got furiously sold down US withholding tax crisis in 2018. So, here are my analysis and thought for this stock.