I figured this image would be much more appropriate than all the Queen Mary pictures of EHT

A Lesson Learnt in Investing – Picking the Sick Eagle with the Sinking Ship

As some of you might have seen some news about Eagle Hospitality Trust by The Edge (here) and Straits Times (here).

Perhaps, let’s start off with some context.

Previously, some of you might have remembered about the Tax Risks for Manulife and Keppel KBS (now Keppel Pacific Oak) REITs.
I got lucky and bought into Keppel Pacific Oak then at a good valuation which then awarded me with a rather decent yield. That was 2018, October.

Fast forward, one year later, October 2019, Eagle Hospitality Trust was in the spotlight for various issues ranging from disclosure to questions about Queen Mary maintenance and stuff.

As the market valuations was rich with nothing on my watchlist to buy, I punted (hand itchy) assuming Queen Mary was zero and got an average price of 53 cents. I remember the target dividend yield was