Feature Pic: The Little Coconuts having their standard afternoon tea, a smoothie. This time it’s a Mango Lassi + a wee bit of ginger and turmeric.

For a lifestyle blog that has a special emphasis and love for food, I’ve been neglecting this topic. How could I? Let me correct that wrong right now!

Given most of us are on #Coronaviruslockdown now, perhaps we are turning to the kitchen to whip up some tasty meals so this could serve as some inspiration to add some variety? If you see a dish that you would like to try out, I’ll be happy to provide you the recipe. I don’t usually have one handy but if you say please, I’ll write it out ????

While we traveled, we ate a lot of local food. It was one of the main reasons we traveled to begin with! We did still cook though, because it serves us in 3 major ways and well, we like to cook. If there’s 2 life