Ok… So… I’m no medical expert. But here’s my take on the situation.

Why is there so much panic? Hype? Fear? About the Coronavirus…

The death rate is estimated to be around 3%… Which is typically considered light risk?
So why is there so much steps by Governments to contain the virus?

The Coronavirus situation IS serious. Make no mistake, I’m not downplaying it.

People are comparing it to the flu, that the death rate is higher but it isn’t something to panic about, OR XXX numbers have died of the flu this year whereas Coronavirus hasn’t even killed enough to make those numbers yet.

The thing about the Coronavirus, is that it is highly infectious. It spreads easily and it has around 20% hospitalization rate.

It has around a 2-5% intensive care rate, and an estimated 2-3% death rate.

The numbers look like something around there. Plus minus 1% depending on which country the patient is in.