Treating An Ailing Economy – Part 1: Monetary Policy
By Fatty Finance  •  March 30, 2020

For the past few weeks, we had seen unprecedented actions taken by many central banks and government to lessen the impact of the pandemic on the economy.

Let us look at a few actions taken so far by governments and central banks:

Monetary PolicyFiscal Policy

All these policies are designed to provide financial support and liquidity to help cushion an impact of a recession. But will it speed the recovery and steer us out of a recession? Maybe.

How then should we as investors react? This is also a good time to quickly check in with our recession plan and our portfolio progress.

In part 1, I will explain about the response from central banks to treat the symptoms of economic slowdown and markets meltdown caused by COVID-19.

In part 2, I will explain about the fiscal stimulus packages launched by the governments.

In part 3, I will

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By Fatty Finance
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