Ladies and gentlemen, readers of SippingCoconuts, today I’m going to share something very personal. Something so sad that it’s absolutely hilarious, y’know, in a deep and painful way.

Our wonderful blog, SippingCoconuts, has reached a milestone! We have, for the first time in history, reached a point that we can get a Google Adsense Payout!

Yes, drop what you’re doing and give us a big celebration dance folks.


So how much did we actually get? Hold on to your hats!

Yup, a grand total of S$160! Over the whole lifetime of our blog! ? You know what to do. ?


I’m sure quite a few of you have, at one point in your lives, dreamt about starting up a blog as a side hustle to generate and contribute to the “multiple sources of income” dream. Well, little ol’ us did too, when we started the blog. We thought to ourselves