Transactions made in Mar 2020:- Bought 800 units of DBS at between $18.65 and $21.15
– Sold 5,000 units of Sheng Siong at $1.10- Sold 1,000 units of SIA at $6.68- Sold 2,000 units of Sembcorp Marine at $0.73- Sold 4,000 units of SingPost at $0.72- Sold 7,000 units of Jumbo at $0.205
I have never made so many transactions in a single month before. I have been using this period of time to re-balance my stock portfolio by selling the weaker links and adding on more solid companies. It was not an easy decision as the realised loss is around $13,000. But I believe this is necessary. 
The epicenter of the COVID19 has just shifted from China to Europe and USA. With this, we can expect more supply chain disruptions globally. The number of COVID19 cases has increased at a tremendous rate. The reproduction figure of COVID19, is key figure to watch for.

I am looking