The last few weeks have gotten people all talkative and excited. Primarily its debating between people who are interested in buying stocks low and people who are unloading now and…well, buying stocks LOWER. After watching this unfold for the last few weeks (and contributing to some of it myself, fufufu) – I noticed something interesting. There’s been little to nothing written about shorting the market. It’s interesting, because movies like The Big Short were made during times of Financial Crisis. I think the majority of financial media has branded it prematurely, but it’s still unusual that no one has talked about it. If you’re reading this for the first time and have no idea what I’m talking about – what’s Shorting? ‘Shorting’ is how you make money. Right here – right now. Short Selling [A Narrative] Once upon a time, my friend Keith would spend a non-stop amount of time