Everyone has different skills.

Some people are good at sales. Others are not.
Some people can trade stocks, day traders, weekly traders, etc… others cannot.
Some people can time the market properly, others cannot…

What is your skillset?

I learnt that I am not good at sales.
I also learnt that I am not good at trading.
I also learnt that I am probably not cut out to run my own business.

Even hedgefund managers don’t always make money.
Bill Ackman suddenly can talk very big now cos he managed to make some big bucks with a good bet.
But he made some very bad bets with Valeant.
It’s the typical, loud when make money try to keep quiet when lost money.

A perfect trader/investor would be able to buy at the bottom, sell at peaks and trade all the slight ups and down throughout the whole market cycle.
BUT that’s not possible.
No one knows where the top is, the bottom is, and