Strategically added MapletreeCom Trust at $0 cost to the CPFIS portfolio.

This action now ensures the Investment, SRS and CPFIS portfolio all have at least 1 stock invested termed as 奇兵 in 孙子兵法.

MapletreeCom Trust is no stranger stock as it was one of those in the Strategic section of the Investment portfolio which was strategically divested from September till December 2019 (refer here).

This time round MapletreeCom Trust replaces FrasersCom Trust in the CPFIS.  The reason was given in the Mapletreelog Trust with the SRS portfolio (refer here).

In previous round, it took me 4 years to accumulate slightly more than 10% of the intended quantity in the Strategic section of the Investment portfolio.  That was also assisted by the preferential offering during those periods.  This time round, 2 primary objectives that are targeted to achieve.  Firstly, the time frame to achieve that same quantity must be shorter than 4 years.  Secondly, in