tldr; With 25% of the warchest deployed, it looks like we’re not approaching a turnaround anytime soon. I will need to be more patient and size accordingly to be able to last through this entire period.

OK. Let’s be honest here.

There’s no denying that the last few weeks has been pretty insane.

The sudden downturn in the markets has been swift, unpredictable, with lots of dead cat bounces. It is a time that many have been waiting years for, and we acted accordingly.

Shortists have also been having a field day (or, in this case, weeks), and Twitter feeds have exploded with them showing pretty insane daily gains. I’m pretty sure March would have be the most profitable that many would have seen in a while. It’s not really difficult to see which way the market has been trending toward, anyway.

I have been buying. A lot. Over the