It has been a while.

Assignments have been submitted and exams are up next (or would they be postponed in light of the current virus situation?).

The important question that I have asked myself is what sort of pattern do I see the markets and the real economy settling into. I have come up with three possible scenarios:

A V or a U shape recoveryA GFC-like scenarioA Great Depression-like scenario
My focus is on its impact, not on the probabilities of each scenario. That is, if a given scenario materializes, how should I conduct my life such that I am not blind-sided and caught off-guard. Personally, I lean more towards scenarios 2 and 3 due to my reading of both bullish and bearish investment articles. 
Scenario 2 is what I have (kinda) prepared for for the past couple of years. A balanced mix of cash (excluding emergency funds since they are accounted for separately), precious