Many things have happened over the last month from the government encouraging work from home to a lock down but termed as circuit breaker that is happening on 7th April.

Let me quickly go over my portfolio.

Snapshot of portfolio at the point of writing. It did worse than last month with paper losses amounting to over 20%. Below are the changes:

For SG listed stocks:

  • Sold Mapletree Commercial Trust at $1.87 and bought back at $1.60

  • Sold Mapletree Logistics Trust at $1.50

  • Bought Sasseur REIT at $0.605 and sold at $0.63

After the government announced that entertainment venues will be closed for a month, there was a noticeable drop in shoppers and malls were looking empty. This translates to bad news for retail industry especially REITs as they are going to take another beating. With poor public sentiments, it seemed like a good time for me to cash out