From N-Level to Masters, From $20k at 19 to over $1m at 33
By Dr Wealth  •  April 9, 2020
2020: The year I quit my job

My friends were in disbelief when I left my stable 6-figure per annum job as an engineer, right after I bought my new car and amidst this economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19. I was bombarded with questions from my friends during the Lunar New Year gathering. They rather believe I had a better offer and that I didn’t quit my job for good. I was lucky to have utilized Warren Buffett’s investment approach, started investing at a young age and witnessed the power of compounding in my own portfolio. When money is no longer a huge concern anymore, I could shift my focus to my family, and to do what I love. Here’s my story of how I got here.

A Slow Beginning

I had a slow start in life. My academic path was longer than most Singaporeans.

I recalled the many

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By Dr Wealth
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