Sometime long long ago, I wrote an article about living overseas

Now, I’ve lived in France for 6-7 months, and US for 2 months, will probably be here much longer.

As I’m watching the Coronavirus incident unfold, there are a lot of thoughts that go through my mind.
Also, as I see the overall people, political climate, and other things, I have many things that I think about.

After staying overseas for sometime, there are things that we see, that most people don’t understand in SG.
There are many grey areas.
SG is a young country, it hasn’t seen different Governments, hasn’t seen many issues.
We take our freedom and peace for granted.
We don’t understand why the western countries are so fixated on their freedoms, and individual freedoms, we don’t understand why the French strike so much, or why people are so resistant to stay at home orders during the Coronavirus.
The thing is, SG has only 1