Interesting ways to save money

Today’s post will be touching on the clever shortcuts, tips, and tricks to saving money.(Maybe after reading this, you can implement some of the interesting ways to save money).

Declare no spend days

Whether for a month, a week, or just a few days, it’s beneficial to reset and find a way to recommit to your saving goals.

Master your car

Learn how to change a tire, add air to your tires and replace my windshield wipers and air filters-all take less than an hour and save hundreds every year.

Match Buying and Saving 1:1 

Say you want a $100 pair of jeans. Make it a rule that, if you buy the jeans, you’ll put $100 into saving. This could help curb your spending. Even if you give in to the impulse, you’re still doing something good for your finances 

Time-Pricey Buys 

Big-ticket items have designated (often multiple ) sale periods throughout that year. In September,