In the roughly 14 days since our last April’s Fool post (go read it pls), the world has taken some pretty strange turns.

  • Singapore started imposing tighter crowd control measures aka Community Circuit Breakers or CCB for short. ? Latest news is that the beaches are now off limits although the parks themselves aren’t. *scratches head*. I expect the Covid-19 numbers to continue increasing for the next few days before the impact of the tightened measures kick in.
  • USA is now the world’s epicentre of Covid-19 with over half a million diagnosed cases and over 20K unfortunate deaths. Europe appears to be peaking and hopefully things will improve soon.
  • With record unemployment filings over the past 3 weeks, estimates by various banks that US unemployment could eventually go over 20%, and the evaporation of revenue in multiple industries; US, Singapore and other stock markets have rallied and the S&P 500 has recovered a large portion of its initial losses.

With these confusing turn of events, how is one expected to invest in the market?