Hello, and it’s me again!

Over the past 1 week, it’s been pretty tough getting stuck at home eh?

Maybe it’s just me.. But suddenly, going out to work seems sooo much less tiring than staying home and juggling work with my 3+ years old little energizer bunny around.

So, if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, let me introduce you my boss

What happens at almost every Zoom meeting i do.

My wife and i both aren’t what we consider the high energy type of people and we wonder what happened in our DNA mix that brought about this super high energy monkey.

Maybe it’s precisely because he’s born in the year of the monkey! But no.. that can’t be it.. Or maybe it’s because minus minus equals to plus! Horrors!

Or maybe because we prayed for God to give us more strength and energy before our kid came and this is His way of training