To rein in the escalating COVID-19 transmissions, the Singapore government has introduced a slew of “Circuit Breaker” measures meant to keep Singaporeans at home. Those who flout the rules by gathering socially, for example, will be fined S$300 on the first offence. As necessary as these strict measures are to contain the spread, they can lead to feelings of intense loneliness and isolation–humans are social creatures, after all. However, just because you can’t physically be with others doesn’t mean that you can’t be together emotionally or mentally. Here are three (safe) ways you can put the social in social distancing.

Join a Live Workout Session

Working out from home alone on a day-to-day basis isn’t fun, but you can make it better by joining in a live-streamed workout session hosted by local gyms and studios. Not only does this enable you to interact with instructors and fellow fitness enthusiasts,