Financial Statements and and Information Flow

With a simple but detailed presentation of financial statements and key ratios, users do not have to spend extra time to dig in or calculate necessary metrics out of earnings results.

At the top of the stock information screen, the stock ticker, name, sector and based country are presented. We can also see the positively or negatively correlated stocks and ETFs for this underlying ticker. BMY for instance, is positively correlated with XLV which is the S&P 500 Healthcare ETF. As expectedly, the ETF holds almost 4% of this specific stock.

Below that, the summary table for key financial, valuation, technical ratios and metrics are presented which are used in Screener as well. The users who like to reach financial statements and results, can click the “Statements”. Otherwise, last year’s earnings per share and sales figures are also represented in bar graphs underneath. We can also