This week on learning investing/trading,we are going to compare Investing vs Trading.

OverviewInvesting and trading are two a different way to profit from the marketInvestors and Traders both attempt to seek profit from the marketInvestors seek higher return buying and hold for a long period of timeTraders seek even higher return by using various trading strategy to profitInvestingBuild wealth slowly over an extended period of time by purchasing and maintaining a portfolio of stocks, share portfolios, mutual funds, bonds, and other investment resources.Investments are often held for years, or even decades, taking advantage of benefits along the way, such as interest, dividends, and share splits.Although markets naturally fluctuate, the investor will hold the stock when its share prices are declining, with the hope that stock prices will stabilize and any losses will eventually recover.Usually, investors are more concerned with market fundamentals such as price/earnings ratios and current ratio, etcAnyone with a