The End of Money Maverick – For Now.

I lost my laptop and two clients earlier in August, and someone said that I look like s***.

I’ve certainly felt like that. Some feedback recently has been like that.

I’ve never considered myself a hard-sell, so it just looks like my standards for hard selling simply went up. Was it because I know more and more? Maybe. That knowledge that was meant to help others has become my boon.

I’ve tried to forgive myself, but it’s hard.

For example, recently I created a low risk diversified portfolio plan for someone who was originally going with an endowment plan.

It would have made this prospect $38,000 more net of fees in 10 years for barely any additional risk, and 6 figures more by the 20th year with a passive income.

Naturally, I was pushy about it. The math supported this decision, and I was already taking on a lower commission.