Besides buying aggressively on our own portfolio – Portfolio – March 2020, I have also made additional contributions ($250 on 12 March and $500 on 18 March) to both Endowus and StashAway. I was even considering investing my CPF OA using Endowus but before a decision was made, the market has sort of recovered and I dropped the idea. Let’s see how that goes.

Risk Profile
Goal type: General wealth accumulation
Risk tolerance: Maximise returns (loss tolerance -60%)
Monthly investment using SRS: $250

Account Summary

Capital: $5,000.00
Current: $4,153.50 (-22.84%)

There are quite a few differences as compared to StashAway. Firstly, all the cash has been invested while StashAway keeps 1% of the portfolio in cash. Secondly, the fees are not deducted on a monthly basis. The Access Fee charged by Endowus will be deducted at the end of each quarter as stated in their FAQ.

Asset Allocation

This shows that the number of Dimensional World Equity Fund units (247.9700) owned. It