Singapore Medical Group (SGX: 5OT) is an organisation that has a network of 35 clinics located around Singapore which provides private specialized health services. Besides local presence, they do have overseas clinics in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia.

Recently, SingMedical released their annual report 2019 so I thought it is a good time to take a look and review their 2019 performance.

Before I continue, just want to point out that I’m currently long on this stock so everything I mentioned here is strictly my opinion and not to be taken as any form of investment advice. Please do your own due diligence.

Revenue, net income and free cash flow Y-O-Y

Data from MorningStar

The chart pretty much speaks for SingMedical’s performance over the years. Revenue has been increasing at least for the past 5 years. The same applies for net income and free cash flow.

What is really interesting about this chart