This is the 19th day of Singapore’s “Circuit Breaker” also known as “Lockdown” or “Partial Lockdown”.

It is what it is.

All these fancy names.

Lawrence Wong says “Lockdown” means different things to different people.

“Circuit Breaker” also means different things to different people.

To me, “Circuit Breaker” is “Lockdown”.


We can go on and on.


Anyway, I have not blogged for more than 2 weeks which isn’t too bad.

I did say I was going to blog only once every 3 months not too many moons ago.

What have I been up to?

If you have to ask, you must be new to my blog.

I am busy adventuring in another world, of course.

“Neverwinter” currently has an event called “Tales of Old” that rewards adventurers with powerful artifacts