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Optimizing Bonus Interest With Multiple High Yield Savings Accounts
By Fatty Finance  •  April 25, 2020
This is some extra thoughts and ideas I would like to share which is related to my previous two posts Singapore high yield savings accounts Part 1 and Part 2 In this post, I will share how you could possibly combine two (or more) accounts from UOB, DBS and OCBC to achieve more synergy and gain more interest on your deposits. Diminishing Yields The TL;DR from the previous two posts is that all three accounts have shortcomings and advantages. However what is common among them is that yields max out at a certain deposit amount and any additional money poured into the account reduces the overall yield. For DBS, the maximum yield is at $100,000 For UOB One, the maximum yield is at $75,000 deposited at 1.846% p.a. For OCBC, the maximum yield is at $70,000 Combining Multiple Accounts If you plan to save more than $70,000, $75,000...
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By Fatty Finance
My aim is to simplify finance and make it palatable for everybody. I gather only the freshest financial trends and topics, mix them together with economics, health, business, science and other quality ingredients and stew them over long hours to serve you the simplest and most wholesome meals. As this is a fairly new blog, I will be focusing on writing investment topics for now. I intend to talk about all aspects of personal finance and will continue to expand each sections as the blog grows.

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