This week on learning/trading together, I am going summaries some key points that from the book that I have just recently borrow from the library “secrets of millionaire investor ” by Adam Khoo.

The book is actually quite interesting to read compared to at least 70% of investing books out there. Not a sponsor post by the way(is there even anyone that wants to sponsor me?😂).

Anyway, back to the book. The next few posts are going to be the key points from the book.

Chapter 1 is basically an introduction, so let’s begin with chapter 2.

Chapter 2:The power of investing in building your wealth

1.Investing in low risk and high return
Most investors in the world are risk-averse,(surprise surprise, Warren Buffett is one of them!)2.A quick introduction of the US stock market
There are three primary U.S. stock exchanges: New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and American stock exchange  The general market performance is measured by the