Continued from STI Analysis — the next peak and trough ? (65)


Still unable to conclude whether STI is in the Primary wave 4 of the Cycle wave (C) of SuperCycle wave ((2)) (the blue label) or the Intermediate wave ((iv)) of Primary wave 3 of Cycle wave (C) of SuperCycle wave ((2)) (the red label).  However, based on the time frame and performance so far, within a week or 2 STI should be able to differentiate which case is it.
Red Case The Minor (c) is half way there.  For this case to be valid, STI must break below 2208.42.
Blue Case The Intermediate ((a)) of Primary wave 4 has completed at 2671.58 on 17th Apr 2020.  For this case, STI is in Intermdiate ((b)).  A zigzag pattern in the Minor degree could be developing soon.  For this case, STI unless doing a Expanded Flat pattern