Say APAC realty and many people will not know what the company does; however if I were to say ERA, then everyone knows it is a property agency company.

To avoid further confusion, APAC realty is in fact ERA realty.

Business Profile of APAC Realty

APAC realty is one of the big 3 property agency in property crazy Singapore; the other being Propnex and OrangeTee. APAC has thelargest network of property agents in Singapore and are planning to expand in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia

How APAC makes money is that it collects the commission for the property transactions, gives a cut to the property agent who did the transaction and uses the rest to finance its cost. Its a straightforward business.

APAC Realty revenue is greatly dependent on how many property transactions its agents make in a year. The more transaction, the greater the profits. And in a property crazy country like Singapore which has