I am taking some time off from “Legends of Runeterra” which is a free to play game recommended by a reader, Azrael, in order to blog about APTT.

As a new player in both “Legends of Runeterra” and “Magic the Gathering: Arena”, I find the former to have a better free to play model.

So, a shout out to Azrael for the recommendation.

Here is a short video on one of the regions in game:

OK, onward to victory, er, I mean APTT.

In late 2018, I increased my investment in APTT substantially as its unit price plunged.

A little more than half a year later, I sold those units as the stock market rallied, making some pocket money in the process.

I am still holding on to a legacy position in APTT which is largely free of cost by now.

At today’s market