Now I was genuinely surprised when PM Lee announced a 4 week extension to the circuit breaker.

I knew an extension was coming, but I expected a 2 week extension to “wait and see”, so the 4 weeks definitely caught me by surprise.

That said – I think a 4 week decision is the correct one from the country’s perspective. But from our perspective, it means another 4 weeks stuck at home everyday.

Quite a few readers have reached out to ask whether we can run another promo for the FH Course and REITs MasterClass during this lockdown period.

It makes a lot of sense, so we’ll do our part during this extended circuit breaker.

We’ll run a special Labour Day / Extended Circuit Breaker Promo for both the FH Course and the REITs MasterClass.

So if you’re stuck at home for the next month with nothing to do – take the chance to improve yourself.