Overview(Year to Date)
S&P 500 Index Fund -8.36%
Straits Times Index Fund -19.71
Tracker Fund of Hong Kong -13.31%
My Portfolio -4.34%

Added nothing in April

Updates from companies that are in my portfolio as of End April

Mainland Holdings- Profit warning, 1Q 2020 is comparable to 1Q 2019 but 2Q will be severely affected due to lock down in Bangladesh and orders by European and American companies being withhold-ed/delayed. However unable to ascertain impact as of end April.

Comments: Not entirely surprising, with consumption for sports events and global supply chain being affected, this definitely would affect demand and eat into profits.

AAG Energy Holdings- 1Q 2020 to be 7% lower than 1Q 2019. Net cash of 0.402 hkd against the current traded price of 1.21 hkd its roughly 1/3 of its market cap. Yield is roughly 9%

Comments: 7% drop in profits for 1Q is remarkable as China was busy with Covid-19 and