Billion Dollar Whale was published in 2018 and updated in 2019 tells the story of Jho Low and the 1MDB heist in full details. Jho Low was the mastermind (even though he denied it) behind stealing billions of dollars from Malaysians. When the scandal broke out, it brought down Najib in the 2018 elections, in effect, ending UMNO’s 61 year rule in Malaysia, our truly Asian neighbour.

Alongside Bad Blood, these two books provided detail descriptions of the financial bag of tricks and things to watch out for in fraud cases. It is worth jotting them down for future references. For me, here’s the three warning signs:
1. Lack of transparency and out-of the-norm obsession with secrecy 2. Lack of independent oversight 3. Slight discrepancy in names of bank accounts and incorporate entities
1. Lack of transparencyIn both stories, the perpetrators used secrecy as