Top Dividend Contribution (Last 12 Months)Dividend Collected to DateDividend Collected in 2020Dividend by Month (Last 5 Years)
Dividend collected for the month of April 2020: $0.08K
TEMASEKB231025Dividend (YTD): $3.56K
Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $0.89KTotal Dividend Collected to Date: $95.39K

April was a drought for dividend payment. This was probably due to the deferment of AGM which eventually led to the delay of payment. I am expecting that the dividend collected this year to be lower compared to last year as companies are starting to cut distribution. But this does not mean that I will be changing my strategy anytime soon. Investing for dividend will still be my primary objective.
The US unemployment rate has hit the highest since WWII but the stock market has opened higher. All the results of 3 local banks are out and shows that challenging times are ahead. Q2 results will definitely be much worst but the prices are not falling. Probably