Waking up everyday thinking what to do? Feeling bored during the long lockdown? Finding ways to pass these endless days?

Well here is my 10 skills to learn during lockdown that will cure YOUR boredom!!!

And make you some money down the road!

1) CodingOne of the skills to learn during lockdown, for all those who thought coding was for geeks and tech geniuses, nothing could be further from the truth. Coding knowledge is good for you and essential in a digital economy.According to CNA, 19 secondary schools now teach programming at the GCE O-Level. 6 IP schools or junior colleges offer computing as an A-Level subject. Applications to IT-related degrees are rising in local universities.Coding can help you be a better problem-solver. This is because coding helps you break down a program and solve it logically.Coding is also a huge bonus on your CV as it opens many doors and