After my previous post, I am bombarded by emails and messages. 


Trade War Again…

Crude oil slip into negative territory…

There are many fears and doubts in the market recently.

In many investors’ mind, they have this Golden Question:

Has the market recovered?

See the above chart:

This set-up appeared on 2 April 2009. 

The same set-up appeared again on 24 April 2020. 

Congrats to those who have taken action. 

Do your due diligence. Buy good stocks and accumulate.

Buy in batches.  Sometimes, I don’t understand why people like to go ALL-IN or SHOW-HAND. 

Buy in batches la. We can never catch the bottom. 

Like we go war like that, send in Platoon 1 first, then Platoon 2, then Platoon 3. 

The next question I get is: what stocks to buy?

If don’t know what stocks to buy, buy a basket of good stocks, eg Index etc.

Warning… Warning…

This is not a buy or sell call. 

Disclaimer Applied.

I created this blog since 2011. 

During this CB, you can spend