It’s a Saturday morning. You have your cup of coffee before heading down to open the letterbox (wearing a mask, of course).

Among the usual mass of property advertisements, there are 3 in particular that catches your eye – each with its own catchy headline:

The most luxurious development in Orchard!Launch of the cheapest freehold condo in Orchard!85% sold on launch day in Orchard!

Which headline do you think is the most effective to you?

Well, if you’re anything like most people, number 3 would surely be the standout choice.


It’s all because of one simple yet powerful concept:

Everyone is doing it, so it cannot be wrong. 

Psychologists call this social proof.

So what is social proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where we use what other people think is correct to decide what constitutes correct behaviour.

In other words, we view a behaviour as more correct